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Welcome to Al-Sabah Hospital

The Department of  Anaesthesia and intensive care of Al Sabh hospital was consistituted in 1963 and has expanded to include Zain hospital since 1999.We provide comprehensive patient care through amultidisciplinary approach where all team members work together for continuum of care.Our services are paramount for the skilled and safe execution of medical ,surgical and pediatric departments.We pride our selves as eperts in perioperative care,development of an anesthetic plan,administratio of anesthetic in operation theater and remote areas,resuscitation and critical care services.We cater to patients residing in 13 areas in kuwait. 

 Al Sabah hospital MB consists of 5 private and general wards totally with capacity of 96 beds, with 21 causality beds distributed for the surgical and ENT cases and resuscitation room. Provisionally, hospital recorded about 4,568 admissions between 2011-2012 (general surgery, urology and ENT cases).

 Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Department Started services for Zain Hospital in 1999 which specialized center for Otorhinolaryngology and head &neck surgery. Which consists of3 wards with the capacity of 57 beds. Provisionally, hospital recorded about 3,439admissions between 2011-2012(ENT cases).

 The Anesthesia and ICU Department in Sabah hospital are considered to be one of the essential Department with very good connection with the Medical, NBK, radiology Departments and has essential role in dealing with emergency cases in these departments either in the wards or in the casualty, as well as our department is dealing with the critical cases in IDH and Al Rashid allergic centre according to the protocol and policy of the hospital.


  • medical wards(capacity of beds 132) the hospital recorded about 3100 admission during 2011-2013.
  • Paediatric wards (capacity of beds 105) the hospital recorded about 3818 admission during 2011-2013.
  • NBK wards  (capacity of beds 82) the hospital recorded about 1525 admission during 2011-2013.

Welcome to Zain Hospital